Composite Anaphoretic Painted Cr6+ Free Aluminium parts

Anodising with Cr6+ based chemicals has been widely used for surface treatment of Al alloys in aerospace for purposes including corrosion resistance and as a pretreatment for adhesive bonding. This project will focus on the development of an electrophoretic coating (e-coat) process for 7000 series Al alloys for applications on landing gear, which avoids Cr6+, for resistance to corrosion. This may also be extended to pretreatments for adhesion and other purposes in a modified form with further testing and validation.

A successful e-coat process would be extremely valuable because it will eliminate Cr6+ from the pretreatment process.  The current process is two stage; Cr6+ anodising followed by painting. The proposed work will deliver a low risk replacement for the Cr6+ anodising pre-treatment AND/OR a higher risk one step anaphoretic e-coating process in which the anodising of the Al part is achieved in situ.

Host Institution University of Leicester
1st Supervisor Dr David Weston
2nd Supervisor Dr Rob Thornton
Project Code IMP05-WESTON
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