Electrodeposited Multilayer Metal Matrix Nano Composite (MMMNC) Coatings for Offshore Protection

Metal matrix nanocomposite can be produced by electrodeposition of metals from plating baths containing a dispersion of inert nanoparticles. A novel method, pulse reverse plating (PRP), has been developed at Leicester to produce these. To date this method has been successfully applied to produce Metal Matrix Nano Composition (MMNC) coatings. The proposed project will extend this technique to allow the production of Multilayer-MMNC coatings.

The leading edge of offshore wind turbines is currently protected by soft elastomer tapes, due to their low cost and ease of application during blade manufacture. However, the life span of these tapes is around 10 years and therefore need replacing within the 25 year lifetime of the turbine. Replacing such tapes, offshore, on assembled turbines is inherently problematic. Industry desires a full-life solution to protecting wind turbine blades from leading edge erosion. Such a solution needs to be erosion resistant, corrosion resistant and damp vibrations resulting from the water hammer effect from impinging spray

Host Institution University of Leicester
1st Supervisor Dr David Weston
2nd Supervisor Dr Rob Thornton
Project Code  IMP06-WESTON
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