Virtual Additive Manufacturing

Numerical simulation of additive manufacturing (AM) processes based on electron or laser beam melting of metals. Outcome: full-scale computer simulation tool for powder bed fusion.

1 Convergence analysis of Material Point Method (MPM)

2 Linear FE-MPM parallel implementation.

3 Interfacing with real 3D-printing geometries (CAD/STL) and scans (G-code).

4 Implementation of VEM for transient elastic problem.

5 Combine MPM with VEM on given locally refined mesh, including local time-stepping.

6 A posteriori error analysis and adaptivity for efficient resolution of practical test cases.

A major challenge with AM is poor repeatability of mechanical properties. Computer simulations offer a framework for investigating such problem, as opposed to an expensive trial and error experimentation. However, classical FE analysis is ill-suited as parts may experience sophisticated topology and due to multi-scale nature of the problem.

The development of a realistic and efficient AM direct is thus crucial in view of making 3D printing based on AM a viable industrial paradigm.


Host Institution University of Leicester
1st Supervisor  Dr Andrea Cangiani
2nd Supervisor Prof Jingzhe Pan
Project Code IMP10-CANGIANA
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