Investigating the effects of cryogenic processing on the properties and performance of engineering coatings

In manufacturing, automotive and aerospace applications, cryogenic treatments are used to improve strength, fatigue and wear resistance of structural and hard wearing engineering materials. However, for many applications these materials are also coated for tribological benefits or corrosion resistance. The proposed research will therefore explore the effects of cryogenic treatments on engineering coating systems through materials characterisation, mechanical and chemical testing techniques.

Presently, cryotreatments are offered as after-market heat treatments conducted on small volumes of finished or semi-finished products. Preventing their further exploitation is understanding the effect that cryogenic processing parameters have on the resulting microstructure, properties and performance of engineering materials and coatings that, in turn, limits the materials and applications to which they can be successfully applied

Host Institution University of Leicester
1st Supervisor Dr Rob Thornton
2nd Supervisor Dr David Weston
Project Code IMP03-THORNTON
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