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Projects available for 2018

The IMPaCT CDT is currently recruiting for its September 2018 cohort, below are links to projects that are currently available within the CDT. If you are interested in one of these projects please indicate this in your online application.  Information on how to apply can be found here

University of Leicester

Controlled growth of magnetic nanoparticles: the properties and applications
Fundamental Mechanisms and Models for Electrodeposited Metal Matrix Nano Composite (MMNC) Coatings
Investigating the effects of cryogenic processing on the properties and performance of engineering coatings
Modelling the microstructural mechanisms of change in engineering alloys at sub-zero temperatures
Composite Anaphoretic Painted Cr6+ Free Aluminium parts
Electrodeposited Multilayer Metal Matrix Nano Composite (MMMNC) Coatings for Offshore Protection
Electrodeposited Metal Matrix Nano Composite (MMNC) Coatings for Tribological Applications
Characterisation of solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces in metal processing by molecular dynamics simulations
Virtual Additive Manufacturing
Novel powder materials for additive manufacturing (3D-Printing)

University of Birmingham

4D Quantification of Fe-rich intermatellics in solidifying recycled Al alloys

University of Nottingham

Analysis and Design of Short Track Speed Skating
In-process measurement and control for metal laser machining
Laser Cladding