The ISIS Pulsed Neutron Source, the only such facility in Europe, is situated at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK. ISIS produces beams of pulsed neutrons and neutron scattering provides unique information on the structure and dynamics of condensed matter at the atomic and molecular level. The engineering beamline ENGIN-X at ISIS is the world’s leading neutron diffractometer.

The ENGIN-X instrument can be used to measure strain and stress deep within engineering components, including under representative service conditions such as temperature and external loads. This information is used to shed light on deformation mechanisms, processing and manufacturing routes, and failure mechanisms both in real components and in test samples, often to provide data for the verification of finite element modelling predictions of engineering processes or for comparison with other methods of residual stress measurement.

The instrument is optimized for measurement of residual stress and in-situ thermo-mechanical processing of engineering alloy systems, and is widely used by industry and academia.


Dr. Joe Kelleher
Instrument Scientist – ISIS Facility
Science and Technology Facilities Council,
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory,