img_casting2Casting: single-crystal/investment casting of superalloys for aerospace and power generation applications.

The Casting Theme in IMPaCT Centre provides a focal point of research in the science and engineering of solidification processing.

The goal of research in the Casting theme is to perform fundamental research in solidification science while working with industry to advance commercial metal casting practices and develop new commercial solidification processes

We aim to produce technologically relevant solidification science and future technical leaders who have unique research experience and lead the UK will lead the UK, in particular the aerospace and energy sectors, to new levels of innovation and value-add.

The span of casting research will support broad industry needs in four thrust areas: single-crystal and investment casting, high temperature materials and processes, fundamental of solidification, speciality materials and processes.

Single-crystal investment casting: in collaborating with IMPacT partners, e.g. Rolls-Royce, Doncasters we will use state-of-art research facility to design and optimise investing casting process for single-crystal components in gas turbine engines for aerospace and power generation applications. Research projects includes, novel process, microstructural development, metal filling, and mould- and refractory-metal interaction, novel heat treatment

High temperature materials and processes: it aims to develop new casting processes for the future high temperature materials, e.g. new intermetallic systems.

Fundamental of Solidification: This area includes fundamental study of nucleation and growth using synchrotron X-ray and multi-scale and multi-physics modelling

Specialty alloys and processes: it covers a wide range of solidification science and technology areas, including fabricating a super-hydrophobic film on alloy surface, magnesium alloys and processing.

Theme Leader Hongbiao Dong

impact director hongbiao dong

The Casting theme is led by Hongbiao Dong (UoL). He is internationally renowned for his work in solidification and its application in casting and welding, coordinating a €4.8M EU-FP7 project, a Key Reader for MMTA, a member of ISIS User Committee and the Steering Committee of EuMaT.

He is a recipient of the Metrology for World Class Manufacturing award and a past Royal Society Industry Fellow at Rolls-Royce Precision Casting Facility.

Other staff members:

  • Paul Howes (UoL) who is an expert in experimental measurement of the atomic scale structure of solid/liquid interfaces using synchrotron based x-ray scattering
  • Mark Ward (UoB), leads a £1M industrial project on titanium alloys and processing with Timet, won the IET Measurement Award
  • William Griffiths (UoB), is currently PI on 6 EPSRC, TSB and EU-funded projects, co-editor of the IJCMR, Key Reader of MMTB, was recently President of the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers.