As an enabling technology, Surface Engineering has an underpinning role across the full spectrum of metal processing industry and has produced huge technological, economic and societal impacts via reduction in capital investment, increased profitability, design changes, environmental benefits and technical innovation.

Technologically, advanced surface engineering can provide superior mechanical, chemical and tribological properties for reliable, long-life and high-performance manufacturing products.

Economically, the current surface engineering market is estimated to be about £30 billion in the UK and surface engineering has critically affected circa £150bn manufacturing products.

Ecologically, the application of advanced surface engineering technologies can prolong the lifespan of manufacturing products and remanufactured components.

This will effectively reduce the consumption of energy and nature resources and reduce carbon footprints, thus contributing to sustainable and green manufacturing.

Clearly, Surface Engineering is one of the key metal processing/manufacturing technologies of the 21st century.

Theme Leader Hanshan Dong

theme leader hanshan dong

The Surface Engineering theme is led by Hanshan Dong (UoB), an expert in surface engineering and plasma surface engineering, successfully developed a European Masters in Surface Engineering using e-learning and distance learning methods, published about 200 peer reviewed papers, won the Harvey Flower Titanium Prize awarded by IoM3.

Other staff members:

  • Andy Abbott (see Theme 2)
  • David Weston (UoL), a new lecturer developing research in synthesis of nanomaterials and performance evaluation
  • Sarah Hainsworth (UoL), an expert on characterization of coated materials for alloys for power plant, recipient of the IOM3 Rosenhain Medal
  • Graham McCartney (see Theme 2)
  • Kwang-Leong Choy (UoN), pioneered the innovative Electrostatic Spray Assisted Vapour Deposition, won the Grunfeld Medal Prize by IOM3
  • Phil Shipway (UoN), received research grant over £5M, regularly invited as a keynote speaker and is co-Editor-in-Chief of Wear, and is on the editorial board of several journals
  • Adam Clare (UoN) a new lecturer developing research in electrical discharge machining & electron beam surface melting
  • Katy Voisey (UoN) is the chair of the organising committee for Microscopy of Oxidation international conference in 2014.