Electrodeposited Metal Matrix Nano Composite (MMNC) Coatings for Tribological Applications

Metal matrix nanocomposite can be produced by electrodeposition of metals from plating baths containing a dispersion of inert nanoparticles. A novel method, pulse reverse plating (PRP), has been developed at Leicester to produce these.  Understanding of bath chemistry/nanoparticle interactions has proved difficult. The technique will be applied to Ni and Ni-alloy based plating systems to produce tribological coatings as a replacement for hard chrome coatings, which are currently produced from toxic Cr6+ baths

The project will develop a novel plating technique, based on pulse reverse plating (PRP), to produce nanocomposite coatings with controllable nanoparticle content for tribological applications. Key objectives are:

  • To define the generic parameters which achieve control over the composite structure;
  • To optimise the parameters of selected coating systems for specific applications, demonstrating functions such as wear resistance and lubricity;

To demonstrate control of properties on industrial scale components, leaving the process ready for industrial adoption.

Host Institution University of Leicester
1st Supervisor Dr David Weston
2nd Supervisor Dr Rob Thornton
Project Code IMP07-WESTON
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